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One of the most frustrating and time-consuming ventures for any club or organization is fundraising. How will you do it? What will you do? Will you sell something? Candy? Magazines? Cutlery? Or will you collect returnable bottles or have a carwash? Let us make this a breeze for you. If you want to earn some real cash for your club or organization, and do it easily, consider selling soy candles from Country Wickhouse Candles. They’re all-natural, hand-poured, and handmade in the USA. Go to our website, contact us, and let’s get started. How do we do it? Like this…

Country Wickhouse Candles, a fully licensed producer of natural soy candles, is now offering a line of 8 oz. soy candles in tins ideal for fundraising. The sale of these candles is not only simple, but also a lucrative venture for any club desiring to raise money. We offer seven of our most popular candle scents that sell for $10.00 each, sales tax included (for New York State customers only; tax does not apply to any other state).

This is half of what a person would pay in a retail establishment!

But more importantly, in an effort to help your club maximize its profit, we will give your organization 50% of all sales made. That’s $5.00 a candle! (Some shipping costs may apply depending on where in the world you are.) Few fundraisers offer a percentage as high as we do, which is a perfect reason to consider us, Country Wickhouse Candles, for your next fundraising activity.

Not only will you be offering your patrons a completely natural and attractive candle product, but also you will be giving back to your community and supporting the small business economy. And you’ll be that much closer to achieving your monetary goals!

So, drop us a line at countrywickhouse@gmail.com, visit our website, and let’s have a chat about how you can earn some real money quickly and easily by selling Country Wickhouse Candles’ signature candle tins. We can send you a sample order form and explain the whole process to you. C’mon, give us a try…you’ll be happy you did!


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