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By trade, I’m a high school English teacher and a published author. But more importantly, my wife and I own and operate Country Wickhouse Candles, a soy candle company, for which I am mostly the marketing and PR contact. I have four sons, two dogs, and multiple personalities, but I try to smile every single day. Our candle company slogan is unique: “Country simple, simply country.” We live and breathe this motto and believe in preserving our earth, actively conserving our environment, and using only natural ingredients in our candle making processes. After all, we love the open countryside in which we live, and we’ll do anything to keep our home and our world clean and safe. I was born in Ogdensburg, New York, and grew up on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. I received a Bachelor’s Degree in writing from St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, and a Master’s Degree in secondary education from the State University of New York at Potsdam College. I live in a little rural settlement called North Bangor with my wife and children, way up in the north of the state where we happily make all-natural soy candles and operate our Internet candle company.

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